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You need a skilled technology partner to work with you on your events.

HipsterDog Media is that partner.

Juggling venue sourcing, budgeting, and client satisfaction is a task in itself – why add event tech worries to the mix?

Let us bridge the technology gap and stand as an extension of your team, handling all your Cvent® event tech needs with expertise and efficiency.

Effortless Event Registration

First impressions matter. With our tailored Cvent®, user-friendly registration websites, we ensure your attendees' journey starts with a 'wow'. Leave the technicalities to us, and watch your attendee list grow.

Engaging Conference Apps

We bring the power of your event to the palm of your hand. With Cvent's Attendee Hub® we can customize a mobile conference app, backed by round-the-clock technical support, deliver a dynamic, engaging experience to your attendees, anytime, anywhere.

Onsite Event Tech Support

The last thing you want to deal with during your event is a tech issue. We can offer steadfast onsite support, including Cvent's OnArrival - Event in a Box® and Attendee Hub®. We make sure your event technology is not just functioning, but thriving.

Insightful Event Analytics

Knowledge is power. We dive deep into your event data, delivering insightful, customizable reports that can fuel your event strategy and maximize engagement. All your data is kept confidential.

Empowering Cvent® Training

We can offer your team the tech prowess they need to conquer Cvent® (including OnArrival® and AttendeeHub®). Our customized Cvent® training is done with patience and great communication. You don't have to be a techie to learn.

Seamless Virtual Meeting Setup

Navigating the world of virtual events can be daunting. We streamline the process with our end-to-end virtual meeting setup and support, ensuring a smooth and immersive virtual experience.

Happy Event Organizers
HipsterDog Media isn’t just another tech consultancy.

Get The Most Out of Your Investment

Our certified mastery in event management powerhouse Cvent® propels your event into the digital frontier, ensuring you’re not just keeping up, but leading the charge in high end corporate events.

Your Innovative Partners

We’re a fusion of tech wizards and seasoned event coordinators, creating a potent mix that understands your needs like no other. Our quarter-century collective experience in technology and events has given us the foresight to anticipate challenges and the agility to pivot solutions.

Our Diverse Clientele

From global corporations to non-profits, our client portfolio is as diverse as it is impressive. Our understanding of unique sector needs fuels our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that don't just meet, but exceed expectations. No matter the nature of your event, HipsterDog Media is equipped and ready to elevate it to new heights.

Mastering All Event Types

From corporate golf tournaments and executive leadership retreats to client conferences, signing up for certification training classes, and company-wide town halls, our experience stretches across a broad spectrum of event types. Our portfolio boasts a rich diversity, reflecting our versatility and our ability to adapt our services to match any event's unique demands.

Flexible Pricing – Tailored to You

Our flexible pricing models - from hourly rates to per-project pricing - come with a guaranteed service level, ensuring you receive superior service that aligns with your budget. Your event deserves the best - let's make it happen together.

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  4. We do the tech work, so you don’t have to worry about it
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